MESgroup Czech

About This Project

MESgroup Czech, s.r.o. is quite young but very dynamic engineering company delivering machined parts mainly to the international clients. For the purpose of expos and business meetings with potential customers, we designed and made very impressive interactive company presentation. During the process, we put emphasis on showing specific visualisations of products and services, that can be provided. Precision of the industry where the company is realized, is shown by modern and pure graphic design. Improved and current visual style was already implemented on company profile and other printed materials

Poskytnuté služby

  • grafický design
  • postprodukce fotografií
  • úprava vizuálního stylu
  • tisková grafika (firemní profil)
  • interaktivní firemní prezentace pro obchodníky


October 09, 2017

Company Presentation, Corporate Identity, Printed Materials, radek3