Slovácké léto

About This Project

Slovácké léto is one of the most significant sport and culture events in the region. Our successful cooperation began in 2014 when we introduced modernized visual style emphasising family time and beautiful summer atmosphere.

We decided to continue the trend in the 2015 as well. One of the main objectives was to raise awareness of this event on the social media, which is regularly used by the target audience. We did not forget about traditional fundraising activities. Slovácké léto donates one Czech crown for every person attending the Facebook event.

The newest trends have been emphasized by microsite, that captured the atmosphere of the last year event on video, and by the sold out fashion collection of Slovácké léto available in turquoise and lime colours.


Website visitors in 2013


Website visitors in 2014


Website visitors in 2015


FB participants in 2013


FB participants in 2014


FB participants in 2015

Provided services

  • comprehensive marketing services
  • analysis of competition
  • communications campaign
  • creative concepts
  • media planning
  • graphic design
  • development of printed materials (posters, banners, promotional items)
  • branding
  • improvement of the current visual style
  • maintenance of website
  • copywriting and web content development
  • layout and development of microsite (HTML, CSS)
  • consultancy
  • management of profiles on social media (Facebook , Twitter)
  • PPC campaign on Facebook
  • development of banner ads
  • direct mail (MailChimp)


July 01, 2014

Advertising campaign, Corporate Identity, Printed Materials, radek3, Social Networks, Web Design