Praga Bohema

15 Jun Praga Bohema

We proudly present one of the most beautiful projects we have ever had the chance to work on. Praga Bohema, a combination of huge performance, the art of the carbon and extreme lightweight, all this brought onto the street. The weight of 982 kgs and 700 bhp creates an amazing 1.4 kg/bhp rate that brings the Bohema among the hypersport’s finest and just a little behind the LeMans racing specials. And all this being Made in Czechoslovakia. Considering the price of the car 1 mil. eur, it was absolutely stunning experience for us, as well as a huge responsibility.

We did an analysis of the custom made hypersport cars market, prepared a communication strategy and co-operated on creation of particular communication tools. Among others, the cooperation crystallized into a website presentation and a unique set of photorealistic 3D renders. We also co-worked during making of the video spot and the product photos.

Currently, we are working on a configurator and promotion brochures that are to lead the customer throughout the whole customisation process of this amazing car.

The project gave us an opportunity to meet some great professionals in our field, such as the Red Bull photographer, Dan Vojtěch. Our little cherry-on-top was undeniably the meeting with the former F1 and currently the IndyCar pilot, Romain Grosjean.

Praga Bohema