PRECIOSA Lighting –
We Craft the Light

14 Oct PRECIOSA Lighting –
We Craft the Light

Magnificent installations made from the crystal chandeliers in the most luxurious palaces, yachts and hotels all around the world. That is PRECIOSA Lighting. The legacy of the most famous glassblowers built throughout centuries. Experienced team of professionals is working nearly day and night with the highest commitment, creating the unique treasures in the world that are the synonym to the highest level of luxury.
We work with the same commitment together with the PRECIOSA Lighting production team on creation of the key sales and representative publications, including extensive book of custom–made reference projects, We Craft the Light, or divided product catalogues.
Watch the teaser of We Craft the Light –
hundreds of hours of hard work, more than 350 pages, over 500 photography corrections, hundreds of test prints, corrections, design adjustments and editing.